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Vane Compressor

MAPRO sliding vane rotary consists basically of an eccentrically mounted rotor slotted to receive sliding blades which sub-divide the crescent shaped space between the rotor and cylinder into a number of compartments. When the rotor is revolving, centrifugal force drives the blades out to contact the cylinder walls which trap the gas load at maximum volume position, the gas being gradually compressed during rotation and discharged at the required compression ratio

The shaft and rotor assembly are supported at both ends by roller bearing and is axially located by an angle ring H.J type which maintains the running clearance necessary for high volumetric efficiency.

Lubrication is multi feed direct to bearings, mechanical seals and blades. Lubrication is necessary to ensure low friction coefficients among stationary and moving parts. The oil quantity used is small (approximately 80gram/hour for 1000m³ of inlet gas)

Besides lubricating oil being used for mechanical purposes, it also plays important roles as follow:

  • protection of internal surfaces from corrosion with a constant renewed oil film
  • Internal cleaning of compressor taking out solid or liquid impurities carried by inlet gas

Due to these characteristics, the sliding vane rotary compressor is the onlymachine suitable for compressing acid gases with common materials such as cast iron and ordinary steels with a very satisfactory corrosion strength. That is the first reason of its wide use in compression of biological and combustion gases, rich of CO₂ and steam saturated

Furthermore, lubrication with renewed oil permits to suck not only dirty but also steam saturated gases or even containing small drops of liquid. Indeed, even though the rotary vane compressor is an internal compression machine, the accidental suction of liquid (up to 10% of the internal volume) can be accepted without any problems except for temporary quicker blades wear. That is the second reason of its particular suitability for compressing biogas, usually saturated and dirty

The sliding vane machine has moreover, compared with other kind of compressors, the following advantages:

  • Simple and economic maintenance, simplified assembly and disassembly due to reduce number of parts
  • High efficiency and consequently lower absorbed power
  • Lower noise level

That is why the MAPRO sliding vane rotary compressors are so widely used at biogas anaerobic digestors as per the reference list attached