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Climate Energy Site Photo
Climate Energy Site Photo

With many years of collective service experiences, we offer service solution in industrial mechanical, electrical and power system including re-commissioning, equipment upgrading as well as the following services.

Consultation Service

You can always seek advice from us, whereby your installation should be covered by the maintenance and servicing plan


We will assist to prepare a systematic plan on the preventive maintenance on the basis of detailed check list.


We will carry out comprehensive maintenance in proportion with the operational needs and the requirement of electrical devices and installation on site. This prevents long-haul operation and lost in production.

Climate Energy Site Photo
Climate Energy Site Photo

Workshop Facilities

  • Overhauling and repairing of high and low tension AC / DC motors and generators up to 11 kV systems
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating elements
  • Metalizing and re-machining
  • Repair and overhauling of gearboxes
  • Repair and overhauling of HI-Vacuum pumps
  • Repair and overhauling of Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps
  • Repair and overhauling of Positive Displacement blowers & compressors
  • Pump skid fabrication
  • Climate Energy Site Photo