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BioGasclean supplies a full range of biological H2S removal systems. The gas cleaners with FRP tanks of reinforced fiberglass is used at farms, food processing plants, palm oil mills, starch factories and municipal sewage treatment plants.

BioGasclean manufacturers FRP tanks in more than 10 countries. This enables BioGasclean to supply tanks in compliance with local standards and codes and with minimal transportation costs. Each BiogasCleaner is designed to the project specific biogas flow and H2S load and comprise the following 3 main systems:

The PTU Process Technique Unit is the machine room and contains circulation pumps, air blowers, PLC controller board, etc., installed in a in a customized FRP housing or modified shipping container.

The scrubber tanks are designed to withstand a hydraulic pressure of up to 2 bar (28 psi) and vibrations during QSRAi?? cleaning. The tanks have internal pipe systems for gas distribution, spray, drain and QSR cleaning. The tanks can be supplied with a grating so it is possible to inspect the tank and pipes underneath the packing media.

The packing media is manufactured in plastic (polypropylene) and forms a random packed bed inside the tanks. The packing media shall be cleaned with the QSR cleaning system typically 1-2 times a year.