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All the BKE Biogas Burners are designed to fit clients application after go through all the site analysis


ECOMEMBRANE has unique production system lines that utilize special plastic membranes and stainless steel domed structures


Our in-house designed BD series dryer/dehumidifier is an ideal solution to remove harmful water vapour, from the gas, to improve its combustible quality


The CESB - BKE flaring system is designed with a priority to meeting safety requirements and CDM specifications

Centrifugal Blower

made of an intake duct conveying the aspirated gas to the impeller inlet that is coaxial to the shaft.

Gas Booster

Centrifugal force at impeller blades accelerates gas outward to increase pressure.


BioGasclean supplies a full range of biological H2S removal systems

Water Separator

Measuring instruments and rotating equipment, in the downstream process, are sensitive to water and dust

Biogas Upgrading

Pentair Haffmans' advanced biogas upgrading technology has substantial advantages compared to conventional systems

Vane Compressor

MAPRO sliding vane rotary consists basically of an eccentrically mounted rotor slotted to receive sliding blades which sub-divide the crescent shaped space between the rotor and cylinder into a number of compartments